Where is the mole cycling?

‘Where is the Mole cycling?’ guarantees the most entertaining mix of excitement and relaxation! In this 4.5-hour experience, including reception, stopovers and prize-giving, you will enjoy a 20-kilometre tandem ride from De Heiberg. Divided into groups, each team is assigned a Mole.

This activity is often booked in combination with a lunch, dinner, drinks, buffet or party night. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Waar fietst de mol


Cycle together as one big group, but complete the creative tasks separately per team, or set your own pace per team. The challenge? The Mole secretly sabotages your team, so be alert! At the end, a voting round reveals each team’s Mole. Prepare for laughter, teamwork and excitement and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Eindhoven and Veldhoven.

  • Duration 4.5 hours (can be shorter if required)
  • From 20 persons

Enter the fray and unmask the Mole!