The Bomb Case

Do you have nerves of steel? Do you perform well under time pressure? Then this High Tech game is the ideal game! During this activity, teams will try to dismantle the bomb. Whoever has played the bomb case the fastest and is able to dismantle the bomb wins the game. We can arrange the day in combination with a lunch, dinner, drinks, buffet or party.


Strand365 De Bomkoffer

The Bomb Case

The game starts while you are standing in a room, at the moment all teams open the bomb case at the same time. From then on, the 60 exciting minutes in Veldhoven start ticking away. The box contains several challenging but also very hilarious puzzles, such as morse codes, black light and fingerprints. The team that is first to find the detonator and dismantle the bomb wins. The difficulty level and duration of the game can be adjusted.

  • The bomb will be placed in the space of Strand365;
  • We can install more than 100 bombs simultaneously or one after another;
  • A real battle is possible because everyone is playing the same bomb game;
  • Always accompanied by a psychopathic bomber.

Do you dare to fight against time to dismantle the bomb? Ask for a tailor-made offer now!