Escape the firm

A package with mysterious contents and a mysterious voice that speaks to you. What does it mean? What should you do with it? Whatever it means, this mystery must be solved. Escape The Firm is an escape room game in which you learn more about data. Where is all this data stored? Which companies own this data and what do they do with it? Can it do any harm or is there a downside to the story? Escape The Firm makes you think about your privacy.

Escape room Veldhoven

Escape The Firm!

This teambuilding is all about digitalisation, data and privacy. This is one of the most challenging company outings of the moment! The game is played in teams of 4-5 people. To solve the mystery, you and your team build your own data centre with 4 servers. This seems easier than it is, because immediately there are all sorts of questions. How do you gain access? Which puzzles belong to which server? How should the servers be connected? The mysterious voice helps you with cryptic clues, but can you trust that voice?

Before the Escape The Firm teambuilding begins, everyone first receives a suitcase with mysterious contents. The teams have to solve the mystery together and everyone plays an important role in this. As a team you have a maximum of 120 minutes to solve the mystery. During Escape the Firm Teambuilding you will come into contact with powerful data managers! All servers are connected, so communication and cooperation are essential. In the end you have to find the location of The Firm!